A cardiovascular surgeon operates the heart and blood vessels in order to repair the damage caused by diseases or disorders of the cardiovascular system. 

Many times, a diagnosis of cardiovascular disease begins with the primary care physician, who became ill? If the cardiologist decides that a surgical intervention is necessary, the patient will be referred to a cardiovascular surgeon, who will be a member of the patient's cardiology team. (Only after a cardiac intervention, the patient remains under the car of the cardiologist)

So a cardiovascular surgeon performs many different types of operations, including valve repair and replacement, repair of heart defects, coronary bypass, aneurysm repair, transmyocardial laser revascularization, and heart transplants. Operations of blood vessels are also performed, including the aorta, which is the main source of blood supply to the body. Cardiac surgery today may also include the use of ventricular assist devices,
mechanical devices that provide "assistance" to the insufficient heart, helping it to pump blood throughout the body.

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